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Text Title: Poetry For Dummies


Edited: Apr 9

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Author: John Timpane, Ph.D.

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The word poetry sends chills down the spines of many otherwise strong and

balanced people. Perhaps you have flashbacks of being called on in class to read

a poem aloud — and not having a clue what the words you were reading meant.

Or maybe you remember being required to write a poem, and even today you’re

still not exactly sure what sets a poem apart from any other bunch of words

thrown onto a blank page. Or perhaps you’re just curious about poetry, but

you’re intimidated by the huge number of poetry books in your local bookstore

or library.


No matter what your past experiences with poetry have been, you can set your

worries aside. To read and write poetry, you don’t have to join some secret club,

where you have to wear a moose hat with antlers, stand on one leg, and recite

secret ritual formulas in Greek . . . although, goodness knows, that would be

quite interesting, and we’d be happy to watch if you volunteer.


Poetry is something human beings have always done and always loved. If you

want to be one of them, come along. In this chapter, we give you a working

definition of what poetry is and fill you in on why people have been writing it

for thousands of years. We also let you know about some great places to turn if

you want to read more poetry — and while we’re on the topic, we give you a

quick guide for actually reading a poem. Finally, if all this talk about poetry has

inspired you (and we sure hope it has!), you can dive right in and write a poem of your own.








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