Sep 10, 2018

How to create a xandereum wallet


Edited: Sep 10, 2018

There are two types of xandereum wallet( waves wallet):

1. The web wallet

2. The android wallet

In this tutorial we going to be talking about the android wallet and how to create the wallet after download the app.


Create a xandereum wallet with these following steps:


1. Download and install the latest version from Google Play. Please use only the official resource - Click here


2. Open installed app and click on the CREATE NEW WALLET


3. Read carefully the NOTICE. 

4. When you have done so, click on I Understand button.

Warning. We recommend using the proposed SEED consisting of 15 English words. 

The total different English terms used for the SEED creation is 2048. This gives us 2048^15 different possibilities - with current technology unbreakable.

We cannot guarantee the safety of the funds if the Seed phrase you come up with yourself.

Each SEED is linked to a unique address shown underneath the proposed SEED. 

You can restore your wallet only from the seed phrase. If you lose your seed, there is no way to recover your money. This is why we ask you to save your seed in the safe place.

Waves platform does not have access to users accounts and seed phrases.


5. At the next step, write down the seed phrase. 

When you have done so, click on the Continue button.


6. At the next step, select a name for your account and choose wallet password and confirm it. 

Warning. The wallet password uses for encryption of current wallet seed. If you forget or lose this password, In this case there is only one way to restore access, using the seed phrase.


7. When you have done so, click on the Create Wallet button.


8. Choose and confirm a PIN code for additional security.


9. If you have done all of the above, you will forwarded to the user interface.

10. On the start page, the application will prompt you to create a backup copy of the seed phrase. 

We recommend you to create a backup copy.

11. To start the backup procedure, click on the BACKUP button and then click on the START BACKUP

12. At the next step, you should write down each word (15 words in total). To get the next word, press the NEXT WORD and then on the DONE button.

13. Сonfirm your seed phrase with a correct sequence of words.

After finishing, just click on the VERIFY button.

14. If you did everything correctly, you will receive confirmation window. 

15. If you have made a mistake click on the BACKUP AGAIN button. 

To start using the application, click on the Back button.


Watch the video below for more information on the waves web wallet and wavesplatform


Video credit: Biggzi Biggzi's article detailing everything Waves are working on:

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