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Sep 14, 2018

The Xanderian grade system is based on the principle that you are worth what you are paid. If you get paid a low fee for a work done, then that's the worth of that service you rendered. That is why we
Sep 10, 2018

The xandereum coin(token) can be sold at the waves decentralized exchange . � � How to trade tokens on the DEX Open up your Waves WEB wallet. Click on the DEX button ( � �) . Then, choose trading
Sep 10, 2018

There are two types of xandereum wallet( waves wallet): 1. The web wallet 2. The android wallet In this tutorial we going to be talking about the android wallet and how to create the wallet after d
Sep 8, 2018

1. Upload lecture pdf or doc to dropbox or google drive 2. Upload your lecture videos to youtube 3. Copy the link of the pdf or doc and paste in a post on the appropriate course together with a pr
Sep 14, 2018

THE PROBLEM AND SOLUTION Our society has closed its eyes to the problem of unemployment and educational malpractices, chiefly because they feel powerless about it. Always, their first line of thought
Sep 10, 2018

You may create a course not found in a department. You are not allowed to create a new department. Creating a department will attract a penalty. For example: Creative writing department. You may choo
Sep 10, 2018

The xandereum wallet address is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an account number. The xandereum coin was minted in the waves blockchain , so therefore we are using the waves wallet as the xandere
Sep 14, 2018

1. Study a course 2. Submit your project to the project catalogue 3. Campaign and get people in the field to access your project and write a detailed review on your project post. It must be up to at l
Sep 10, 2018

1. Read the Xandereum ICO whitepaper 2. Post a lecture. Follow these steps. Click here 3. Remember to post your Xandereum wallet address in the lecture post. Thanks for your volunteer work.
Sep 9, 2018

These are the list of ways to get xandereum on the Xanderian Institute: 1. Post lecture materials: 10,000 xandereum. 2. Likes on lecture materials: 1 Xandereum per like. 3. Project review: 1,000 Xande
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